Resource Share Form

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Resources Share Form

Displays a form to share a single resource with other resource groups besides its own.

  • resource_id: The resource ID of the resource you want to share.
  • entry_id: The entry ID of the resource weblog entry you want to share.
  • ajax_form: Set to "yes" to make the form AJAX submit.
  • return: Set this to the location to which the form action should return the page.
  • member_is_allowed
Variable Pairs
  • resource_groups
Form Tag Variables

* required to use with form related tags in the template.

  • field_name: Holds the name of the field. Use this to set the form field attribute "name". *
  • field_label: Holds the label of the field.
  • field_value: Holds the value of the field. *
  • field_value_checked: This can be used for single check box field to tell if it should be checked or not.
  • field_value_selected: This can be used for selected states.
Form Tag Variable Pairs

options - This variable is used only with check box, radio buttons or selector type fields.

  • option_name The option name. Use this inside the option HTML element.
  • option_value: The option value.
  • option_checked Is the option checked.
  • option_selected: Is the option selected.

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