The Resources documentation is a complete reference of the tags, parameters, variables and variable pairs available with the Resources addon. Examples of the module's usage can be found in the forums.




The Resources Module is a robust file management system for ExpressionEngine. It is an alternative to the included file upload feature in the Weblog modules Edit and Publish panels. The three main features include encrypted file storage, the grouping of resources, and resource restrictions.

Resources encrypts your files in a secure directory using an MD5 hash, limiting access to authorized users. This is done automatically when you upload your files either through the control panel or the {resource_form} tag. Authentication will only occur if the file is accessed from the Resources module by an authorized user. So, users won't be able to use the file even if they somehow gained access.

You can create resource groups and group children to which your files belong, then add member groups to them. You can also add individual members in addition to your selected member groups. This allows you to specify exactly who can see what.

Creating, organizing and restricting your files is extremely easy. The Resource module includes two ways to upload a file; through the resource panel in the Publish/Edit panels or on your front end with the {resource_form} tag. The form tag includes an AJAX controlled interface that allows users easy access to their local directories. You can assign the allowed MIME types to resource file categories and use these categories with your resource groups. Resources also supports version control of your uploads as well as password protection. If you are tracking versions there is an option to notify the group members of the new version via email, including individual email templates per group. You can also restrict the file size, image dimensions and duplicates within the Resource Settings panel. Settings are assigned to weblogs so you can have as many individual settings as you like.

General Requirements
  1. ExpressionEngine 1.6.7
  2. jQuery JavaScript library loaded in the templates that are using resource tags
  3. jQuery JavaScript form plugin loaded in the templates that are using resource tags
Important Notes
  1. All tag variables have a template conditional of the same name and value

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