The Foxee documentation is a complete reference of the tags, parameters, variables and variable pairs available with the Foxee addon. Examples of the module's usage can be found in the forums.


Welcome to E-Commerce for ExpressionEngine

Foxee is a module for the CMS ExpressionEngine. It installs like any other module and expands EE to give you a complete e-commerce solution inside your control panel.

Foxee is an enterprise capable e-commerce module that enhances ExpressionEngine to:

  • Manage your product catalog
  • Manage membership subscriptions
  • Take donations
  • Promote your sales
Foxee is a bridge between ExpressionEngine and FoxyCart, the online cart service.

Your store's catalog items are stored as weblog entries and can be manipulated with typical EE tags as well as other third party modules.

  • Seamless integration with SSO (Single Sign On)
  • Integrated member management
  • Secure PCI compliance with FoxyCart
  • Complete catalog control

Easily insert foxee code and test your settings

Use our Coda clips to easily build your templates.

The foxee test template will allow you to easily test your settings and copy code examples into your templates.

Control Your Individual Product Settings in the Edit Panel

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