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HCC is proud to release our latest project, Infobright.com. To promote IEE (Infobright Enterprise Edition) Infobright selected HCC to build an online community in support of their Open Source effort. Infobright.org offers MySQL users a Forum, a Wiki and a free release of their data analytic software ICE.

Infobright’s web presence is comprised of four websites, http://www.infobright.com, http://www.infobright.org, store.infobright.com and support.infobright.com.


  • ExpressionEngine: All four websites are built using ExpressionEngine and the Multiple Site Module. This allows Infobright to control all of its members, content and communications from one easy location. The Pages module was used to easily create and update website templates.
  • Live Help: We used CraftySyntax’s Live Help scripts to integrate a full featured live operator messaging system. Live Help provides a “dash board” for the help operators to easily track and log help sessions.
  • AJAX: We used AJAX throughout the site to enhance ExpressionEngines display of content and handle form processing. Specifically to handle in page pagination and form success pages.


  • Forums: We used ExpressionEngines Forum module to integrate a full featured Forum for the Open Source community. Additionally the Forum module is used for internal discussions. The Forum integration uses the same member management and does not require users to create a new account to participate.
  • WIKI: There are actually four Wiki’s available all running from the ExpressionEngine Wiki module. The Wiki integrates easily and also uses the same member management as the rest of the sites.
  • Polls: We used LG Polls to handle the polling data for Infobright. LG Polls is a third party Module that makes integrating and maintaining your polling information easy right inside of the control panel.
  • Social Networks: Infobright uses several tools to participate in social networks. The LG Social Bookmarks module provides complete control to link the content on the website with several selectable services. We used Solspaces Tags module to Tag content and create a easy to navigate Tag cloud that directs users right to the desired content.


  • FoxEE E-Commerce: While working with Infobright we developed the FoxEE module to handle e-commerce for infobrights support features. FoxEE handles subscriptions for their support levels, the purchase of manuals and the sale of their enterprise level software packages.
  • Training Events: Infobright sells training seminars through FoxEE allowing them to provide specific session dates, times and participant limits.
  • Member Handling: New members are automatically added to the member management module after a successful purchase. They are placed in one of the 33 member groups depending on the product purchased and this provides access limitations for the rest of the site.


  • MOJO Help Desk: Using the MOJO Help Desk SOAP API we built a plugin to create help desk tickets right from the support portal. Including member account handling and ticket review.
  • Resources: Using HCC’s Resources Module all of Infobright’s sensitive files are encrypted using MD5 hash methods. They are also restricted to access to certain member groups using the Resources Groups function. The Resources Module makes it easy for Infobright to organize their files, including versioning, mime type control and file size.
  • Loopfuse: We created special scripts to pass user information to Loopfuse that tracks users information, downloads amounts and ratings every time a user access a file.


ExpressionEngine, FoxEE, FoxyCart, Crafty

MySQL, PHP, Apache, jQuery, JSON

Infobright, HCC, emtwo, FoxyCart

6 Months

Just Released

Chicago Motorcycle Rental


HCC is proud to release Chicago Motorcycle Rentals new web site. www.chimotorental.com Showing the true power of using the Expression Engine CMS, HCC was able to deploy this project in a couple days.


MySQL, PHP, Javascript

Expression Engine CMS

Sarah Lahali, Michael Hahn, Brian Greenacre, Sally Bunge

4 weeks

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