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Build full featured e-commerce solutions right inside of your ExpressionEngine powered website. Foxee integrates Foxycarts hosted cart services, including full control of your product catalog right inside of the control panel. Utilizing FoxyCarts JSON powered cart and member API, you now have a seamless e-commerce solution for ExpressionEngine.

SSO: (Single Sign On) You can now integrate with more than a dozen of the most popular merchant providers right inside of your ExpressionEngine powered website.

Member Control: With FoxEE 110 you can now easily run member subscriptions, allow your customers to update their billing information and show their purchase history right inside of your EE templates. Mapping profile fields has never been easier, you can even automatically create the default set of profile fields with the touch of a button.

Orders: Easily access your stores orders and print them out or add notes to them. If you are shipping you can set the shipping status for your orders to help track them. We also added a search box in the Orders panel so you can easily find the order you are looking for.

Sales Promotions: With Related Items, Discounts and Coupons you can easily promote your products to increase sales. FoxEE 110 also includes "Addons" to increase your stores capabilities no matter what your needs are. We offer custom development for those that require a unique feature that is not included in the base install of FoxEE.

  • Multi Site Manager capable, Control multiple websites and stores from one area with the ability to share information between Stores.
  • Supports Multiple currencies and languages
  • Robust, easy to configure tax for both US and International sales using FoxyCarts SuperTaxes.
  • Easy to build design through EE's template engine and FoxEE tags
  • Member group management and automatic group switching through transaction settings
  • Subscription tracking with automatic renewal and free trial periods
  • Sell Downloadable items, combine them with subscriptions to limit access. Set individual licensing and access per product
  • Offer Discounts with options to set per quantity or price; either by percentage or amount, Buy one get one free, incremental or per group and discount tiers.
  • Provide coupons with settings to control time periods, number of uses and based on quantity.
  • Product pricing options with the ability to adjust weight and price
  • Custom fields to set options across multiple products
  • Inventory tracking, per product and per product option
  • Show Sale Pricing and Limited quantity with live inventory updating
  • Ship Items with Live shipping rates through UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL
  • "Multiship" multiple ship-to addresses
  • Uses FoxyCart to run secure, PCI complient transactions
  • JSON powered integration between your server and FoxyCart servers
  • Choose from several well known merchant providers; Quantum Gateway, PayPal Pro, PayPal Payflow Pro, Authorize.net, PayPoint, CyberSource, PSIGate and eWay
  • One Page Checkout with returning user auto detection
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing website
  • ExpressionEngine 1.6.x installed. The foxee module installs into the ExpressionEngine CMS.
  • PHP CURL lib installed and configured. CURL is required for the store to function. If your server is in safe-mode it will disable CURL.
  • PHP 4 or 5 Foxee will run on both PHP 4 and 5. PHP 5 is recommended for security and also allows for certain features to be enabled.
  • jQuery If you require the EE jQuery extension to be enabled make sure you update to jquery 1.3.2 and jquery-ui 1.7.2 or higher.
  • FoxyCart account FoxyCart provides a PCI compliant gateway to your merchant provider, a SSL certificate and your shipping providers API.
  • Merchant Account You will need a account with a approved merchant provider
  • Shipping Provider If you are shipping your products you will need an account with one of the approved shipping providers.

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